To dream naked to scandals and unwise actions. Seeing others naked means that they will try to persuade you to compromise their ideas. If you dream that you find yourself naked and try to cover up the nudity, then in reality you will strive for dubious pleasures, though ashamed of them. If a young woman admires the beauty of her naked body, then in real life she will be able to attract the attention of many decent men, but it will be difficult to keep any of them. If her nudity is ugly, then she should beware of scandals. Swim naked in clean water – to the forbidden, but sweet love, for which a woman who has seen such a dream, will be punished. If a woman sees naked men swimming in clean water in her dream, she will have many admirers. But if the water is dirty or muddy, one of her jealous admirers will spread evil gossip about her.

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