To see a newborn in your dream is a good sign. If in a dream you are sitting at the crib of a newborn, then in real life you will face the pleasant troubles associated with changes within your family. If you have a dream that a newborn baby is crying and you can not calm him down, then in reality you are afraid of the problems that have arisen in your way. But it is not as scary as it may seem. If an infant is dream by a mature man, it means that in the near future he will have a lot of trouble associated with his business, but success is guaranteed. If you have a dream that you are holding someone else’s baby, it is possible that your friends will try to take advantage of your kindness – try not to give in to provocation. If you are dreaming that you have lost and cannot find your baby – be prepared that life can again raise difficult questions to you (about the meaning of life, about good and evil, etc.).

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