Seeing yourself working in a modern office, while it’s not true, means you’re looking for change. Maybe it’s the work that’s going to be affected. If in your dream you come to someone else’s office and get lost in it, then in real life you risk making mistakes in your partners, believing in their integrity. If you have a dream that you wash the floor and dust the office, then in reality you feel dissatisfied with your unclaimed. You think you could find a better use for your brains and hands.

If you dream that you walk down a long corridor, looking into all the offices, and do not find a single living soul, then in real life you can count on the support of close friends. If in your dream you took one of the rooms of your apartment or your house under the office, then in reality intellectual pursuits bring you much more satisfaction than physical work. It is a pleasant dream in which you are in the doctor’s office, because such a dream promises good health.

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