A dream in which you walk around the palace admiring its splendor means that your life will change for the better and you will climb up the service ladder. If you see or hear men and women dancing and talking to each other while you are in the palace, you will soon find useful acquaintances. For a young woman who has to lead a humble life, seeing herself in the palace at a ball means that she will marry well and take a high place in society.

If you have dreamed that you have ruined the palace, then in reality you are expecting a loss which, despite its insignificance, will upset you very much. If you are vacuuming or cleaning the palace in your dreams, then in real life the efforts you have made will not be in vain. A dream in which you roll out the palace and find some surprise in it means that you are more inclined to believe in bad luck, rather than in everyday work that brings success.

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