If you dream about a bottle of perfume, you will be presented with an unexpected gift. If you are buying perfume, you should take a sober look at life. If you feel a pleasant smell of perfume in your dream, you will get romantic acquaintance. Such a dream heralds a young girl’s imminent marriage. Breathing in the fragrance of spirits in your dream means that you have some happy events. If you dream that you sprayed spirits on your clothes, in real life you will solve your problems with low flattery. If you are dreaming that you are spraying spirits on yourself, you should understand that your desire for a luxurious life is not justified. Be careful, otherwise you will be left without a ruble in your pocket. Spill spirits means that you can lose the most expensive. If in your dream you broke a bottle of perfume, then in real life your plans are not destined to come true.

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