To see in your dream that you are poisoned means that you are being badly influenced. If you have a dream that you intend to poison other people, in real life evil thoughts take up too much space in your heart and your head. There is no point in blaming someone for your own failures. For a young woman, a dream in which she intends to poison her rival means that her jealousy really has its roots. If you throw away poison in your dream, it will not be difficult for you to overcome all the difficulties. A dream in which you see that your family or friends are poisoned, then in reality the trouble will come from where it was least expected. To see your enemies poisoned is to successfully overcome difficulties. If after poisoning you managed to heal, then in your life will finally come a strip of joy and good luck. If in your dream you take medication with poison as prescribed by a doctor, you will take a risky initiative in the near future.

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