If you see a riot in your dreams, you will face a solution to some problems that will upset you. If you yourself are involved in a riot, then in reality under the influence of a person you will agree to something that you do not want to do. For a woman, such a dream may mean the beginning of an unnecessary love affair. If you dreamed that your friend was killed during a riot, then your endeavors are not allowed to be brought to a logical end. A dream in which you are the leader of a rebellion means that you will bear great responsibility not only for your actions, but also for the actions of others. To see a crowd of rebellious people means that you will change your views under the influence of another person. Watching the execution of rioters means that you will feel guilty for your dishonest deed. For a woman, such a dream heralds a quarrel with her husband or beloved because of his unjustified jealousy. If in the dream you are on the side of those who suppress rebellion, then circumstances will force you to show cruelty or meanness to your friend, in which later you will repent.

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