The red color symbolizes anxiety and worry. Bright red clothing, which your friend is wearing, means that you are in danger of trouble and loss. Crimson or dark red clothing – a sign of safe deliverance from the origins of enemies, provided you make adjustments to your plans. Red apples in green leaves – for good luck and prosperity. A dream in which you see a bloody red moon in the sky means that in the near future some global disasters will fall on you. The sight of red-hot iron promises you failure due to incorrect use of your energy. If you see a red-hot poker in your sleep or if you fight with a poker, you will fight with determination and energy. If in your dream you see a pod of red pepper ripening on a branch, then your companion will be an independent and economical person. Red ink symbolizes alienation associated with jealousy. If you see your fingers soiled with red ink, then in real life your jealousy will cause a lot of trouble not only to your lover, but also directly to you. For a woman, to see in her dream that her oven is red-hot means that she will be loved for a kind and heartfelt soul.

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