If in your dream you are whipping a rope, in real life you will find yourself in a situation from which only your iron will and the mood to win will help you get out. If you dream that you are hanging on the rope laundry, then you can not be clearly characterized. Many people who know little about you cannot understand how you can be tough and demanding at work, while remaining soft and caring at home. A dream in which your hands are tied with a rope means that you are oppressed by a situation in which you are powerless to do anything.

If you see a rope in your dreams, you will face serious difficulties in business and uncertainty in love. Climbing up the hanging rope means that you will overcome all obstacles erected by enemies. Climbing down the rope means that you will be disappointed in what you have considered the meaning of life up to now. Breaking the rope means that you can defeat your enemies and overcome obstacles. Tying ropes means that you will have enough power to control other people as you wish. Walking on a rope means that you risk getting involved in a dubious story. Jumping over a rope means that you yourself will be surprised to give in to an absurd adventure. Being tied by the rope means that you tend to indulge in a feeling of love against the voice of reason.

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