If you have a dream that your shoes are worn by someone else, then be wary of rivals who might take your beloved. A dream in which you wear new shoes promises good luck in commercial matters and increased income. Seeing old ripped shoes means that the intrigues of enemies and diseases will not let you achieve your goal.

If you dream that your shoes are dirty and old, you should be more careful with the critical statements that you risk making enemies. See in your dreams polished shoes – to a favorable turn of things. New shoes are taken to profit. But watch out if they’re squeezing you. Evil tongues may choose you as an object of ridicule. If you dream of shoes with untied shoelaces, then wait for a fight, loss and deteriorating health. A dream in which your shoes were stolen but your socks are left on your feet foreshadows losses, which, however, will be compensated by purchases in other areas. If a young woman dreams that people around her admire her shoes, then she should avoid familiarity with new acquaintances.

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