Snake dreams warn of evil in its various manifestations. A dream in which a young woman sees her being bitten by a dead snake warns of the danger that awaits her from the side of a man pretending to be her friend. If you dream of a wriggling snake, you will have to fight against your destiny. If you dream that you kill the snake, then in real life you will have to make an effort to defend your interests. In the near future, you will see that you have defeated your enemies. If you dream that you have to step over the snake, it warns you that your health is in danger and your competitors are trying to survive you. If you have a dream that you have been bitten by a snake, it will be difficult to resist the influence of enemies who will try to harm you. To see a snake wrapped around you with rings and about to bite you in a dream means that in real life you will find yourself in a situation where you will be powerless before your enemies. If you have a dream that you are holding the snake in your hands, it is a messenger of the fact that you will manage with your generosity to defeat the enemies. The dream in which you see snakes swarming in place of hairs on your head shows that you attach too much importance to trifles. If you dream of snakes that have an unnatural shape, look or color, then such a dream symbolizes that in reality you will face the trouble that at a closer examination will be completely insignificant. If you have a dream that you are wading across a river teeming with snakes, then be careful, because where you hoped for success, you will face problems. If you see snakes biting other people, it is possible that you yourself will complicate the relationship with your friends with your exaggerated demands on them. If you have dreamed about a whole bunch of little snakes, you should not be too open with people, because they can take advantage of it and cheat you. If you dream about children playing with snakes, then perhaps life will put you in a difficult situation where it will be difficult for you to determine who your enemy is and who your friend is. If a woman hears a snake hissing in her dream, it warns her that she will have to give up what she was entitled to. If you see in your dream your friend, to whom the snake crawls from the back, you will be able to protect him from trouble and maybe even reveal a plot against him. If the snakes obey your friend, you can hope that some external force will help you to avoid trouble. A dream in which a woman sees that she is hypnotized by a snake predicts that her rights will be violated, but with the help of faithful friends and the law she will be able to defend her interests.

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