If you are dreaming of snow, it means that despite the visible well-being, you will be in trouble in business and health problems. To see a snowstorm in your dreams means a collapse of hopes, sadness and disappointment. Try not to lose your spirits. If you eat snow, then expect failure in the implementation of your plans. If you dream of dirty snow, it predicts pinched self-love. Perhaps you will seek reconciliation with a man who looks down on you. Seeing the snow melt means that your fears are unfounded. Soon you’ll have reason to be happy. If you dream that you are watching snow flakes fall from the window, you will have to face financial problems in life caused by a complicated relationship with the person you love. Seeing snow-capped mountain peaks in your dreams means that your ambitions will not help you to achieve your goal. Snow shining in the sun means that you will overcome all difficulties and succeed. If a young woman dreams that she is sledding, it can mean a lot of problems in life on the way to her loved one. If you dream that you play snowballs, then in reality you have to defend your interests. However, you risk losing if you are not confident enough in your abilities. A dream in which you are carried away by the snow means that on your way to life there is a lot of trouble waiting for you.

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