The dream in which you saw the spider means that you will have to work hard, but you will be rewarded hundredfold. If you dream about a spider weaving its pathway, you are destined to enjoy peace and joy in your home. Especially favorable is a dream in which you see around a lot of spiders weaving a spider web. It predicts good luck, good health and faithful friends. If you kill a spider, it’s for family quarrels. Being bitten by a spider means you’ll be betrayed. If in a dream you are attacked by a huge spider, such a dream promises rapid career growth. You may have a dream in which you see two spiders approaching you: a big spider and a small spider. Such a dream promises success. If a big spider bites you, then enemies will try to prevent you. The bite of the little spider foreshadows anger and envy. Running away from the big spider – to loss of luck because of humiliating circumstances. For a young woman to see the golden spiders crawling around her, serves as a prediction of good luck and happiness that await her ahead. She will be surrounded by new friends.

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