If you dream about spitting, you risk ruining what started out so well. If they spit at you, then beware of quarreling and parting with lovers. If in your dream you see your spit with blood, then one of your relatives needs your help. Seeing the threshold of your home spitting foreshadows a wall of misunderstanding, which you will come across when trying to implement your idea. If you dream that you have so much saliva that you need to spit all the time, then you are full of ideas, but do not implement them, and they disappear without a trace. A dream in which you visit your dentist for dental treatment, but the procedure is not possible due to excessive salivation, means that in real life you should be prepared for the fact that not all your plans will be supported by others. If you have a dream that you are suffocating but can’t spit out what’s in your way, you’ll have an extraordinary event in your life that’s hard for you to appreciate definitively.

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