Stomach (Belly)

A dream in which you see your belly promises you prospects. However, you should make an effort to achieve results and do not let anything go on its own. If your stomach looks wrinkled, beware of slander. If your stomach looks bloated, you will be in trouble, but you can cope with it. Seeing your stomach bleed in your sleep is a sign of misfortune or tragedy in your family. If you dream that your child has a stomach ache, you should take care of infectious diseases. If you have a tummy ache, it may mean that you will not be able to do what you have planned. If you have a dream about a belly button less belly button, expect a shock that will make it difficult for you to recover. For a woman, such a dream may foreshadow a serious illness or even the death of her husband. To see a person with a very large belly in your dream means that you will have to deal with household chores related to children. For a pregnant woman, having a dream without a stomach means a normal pregnancy and a good relief from the burden.

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