Seeing sweets in your sleep is a good sign. Sleeping in which you see chocolate means that you are able to provide enough for those who depend on you. Seeing chocolate candy is for good business partners and successful work. If chocolate tastes unpleasant, this dream will be followed by illness and disappointment. If you drink hot chocolate in your sleep, fate has prepared for you a lot of joys after the current period of troubles and deprivations. Eating lollipops in your sleep means that in the near future you will find a variety of entertainment. Sour candy tastes can symbolize illness or annoyance. Receiving candy as a gift means that you will be worshiped. Such a dream usually promises well-being. If you make candy yourself in your dream, you can succeed thanks to your hard work and patience. Giving candy means that you will decide to marry or get married, but you risk becoming disappointed in your chosen one.

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