Sleeping on the table means that you are destined for a happy union. Getting off the table is a sign that today’s joys will soon be replaced by troubles. To see empty tables in your sleep foretells you poverty. If you dream that you are eating dinner at a table without a tablecloth, it means that you are in nature independent and independent. To see a tablecloth soiled on a table means disobedience of children or subordinates. If you have a dream that the table is moving in a strange way, be prepared for the fact that your attitude to life will be characterized by dissatisfaction and you acutely feel the need for change. A broken table is a symbol of failure. If you have a dream about someone you know sitting at the table, you should beware of this person, because he is able to do anything to achieve their goals. A dream in which you sit at a desk means unforeseen difficulties. Dreaming about money on the table is a sign that you can find a way out of the impasse.

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