A dream in which you see your teeth warns you of trouble caused by communicating with sick or feisty people. If you have a dream that your teeth are falling out, you may have a succession of worries and troubles ahead of you. If your tooth is removed by a dentist, it is a sign of a serious long-term illness. If you have a tooth loss, you may have an unexpected problem, either in business or health. A dream in which you see that all your teeth are fine and in place means that the black streak of your life will finally change to light. If you dream that you are brushing or spraying your teeth, you will have to fight hard to defend your interests. If you have teeth inserted or are using a prosthetic tooth, you may have to face severe challenges that you can overcome with proper effort. The dream in which you look at your teeth warns you. Be careful what you do, your enemies are not sleeping. If, however, you admire your smooth white teeth, it is a sign of satisfaction with what you have achieved. Seeing rotten teeth in your sleep is a sign of trouble in business or health due to excessive strain. If you spit out your teeth, the disease threatens you or your loved ones. A dream in which you have cured your teeth and got rid of tartar and plaque indicates that you will be able to get out of the clutches of a prolonged illness. Business at work will also get better. However, if you are dreaming that you have plaque on your teeth again despite the procedures you have performed, you should beware of unreliable people who can make a big mess of your life. If you have a dream that you have had your tooth removed but can’t find the empty space where it was, it means that you will still decide to give up the case. But later you will return to it secretly from others, which will give you vague satisfaction.

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