Seeing pantyhose in your sleep means that in reality you will make friends with frivolous people. If in a dream a woman sees white tights or stockings on her legs, then such a dream is a warning. She is at risk of sorrowful disappointment or illness. For a young woman, a dream in which she wears tights means that she is trying to cultivate a commitment to a certain style that she does not always succeed. If a woman has a dream that she is wearing torn tights, some unforeseen circumstance will prevent her from realizing her plans. In addition, she should be afraid of human speculation. If in her dream she wears beautiful expensive tights or stockings, she will be accompanied by the attention of men, but she should think carefully before making her choice. If in your dream you are digging into a pile of women’s pantyhose, in real life you are tired of doing small things, while you are ready for a feat.

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