Trees with young green foliage seen in a dream are a sign of the embodiment of hope. Dried up trees are a symbol of sorrow and loss. If you climbed a tree in your dreams, you will have a brilliant career. However, you should be careful with money. A dream in which you have slept or cut down a tree means that you risk wasting your strength for nothing. To see a freshly cut down tree in a dream foreshadows an unexpected misfortune that falls like snow on your head in the middle of a happy and comfortable life. If you dream about a flowering tree, you have a period of serene rest ahead of you, but preparing for it may require a great deal of effort. If you see a fruit-bearing tree, you can finally reap the fruits of your work. If you dream about a tree that has been thrown out of the ground, you will have to worry about your loved one’s illness. If in your dream you fell down from the tree and hit it hard, then despite all your attempts, you will not be able to finish what you have planned. You may lose your job.

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