Dreams of vampires are a symbol that one should be wary of the intrigues of adversaries. If you dream that a vampire attacked you and stabbed his sharp teeth into your neck, you should avoid the company of false friends. A dream in which you defeat a vampire and stab him in the heart with a stake means that you will have the strength and wisdom to defeat the one who built intrigues against you. If a vampire turns out to be someone you know, you should be careful when dealing with that person. Seeing yourself as a vampire foreshadows an early illness. If you have a dream that a vampire is standing in front of a mirror, you will not be given due attention during a meeting to which you attach great importance. To see a vampire in a coffin is a great loss. To see a vampire drinking blood – to a quick recovery. Sitting with a vampire at the same table – for the upcoming trip, which promises nothing good.

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