Sleeping on the path through thorny thickets means you’re in for business trouble and conflict in your family. If you have a dream that you gladly walk through the endless expanses, then in reality you have every chance to become the master of your destiny. If in a dream you go through the night streets, then in real life you will have to make a lot of effort to defend their place in the sun. For a woman, a dream in which she goes forward quickly and without looking back means that soon she will have a large inheritance and she will be able to realize her dreams.

If in a dream you went out on a hike, then in reality you will engage in activities that will bring you profit. If you have a dream that you are walking on horse or bike, then perhaps your business will not go as you would like. This dream is often followed by illness. A quick walk means wealth gained under risky circumstances. A slow stroll leads to unsatisfactory results in your undertakings. To see others walking in your dreams means that you should beware of potential competitors.

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