To see a wedding ritual in your sleep is a good sign. For a young woman, the dream in which she marries herself promises her a good husband. If she sees one of her relatives getting married, in real life she will smile luck in the professional field. A dream in which you should marry, but for some reason you are late, promises you a beautiful family.

If a young woman has a dream that she is getting married in secret from everyone, it may mean excessive gossip around her moral image. If a woman dreams that she decides to marry, it is a sign that her virtues will be appreciated. However, if her parents do not approve of her choice, then in real life she should not rely on the support of close people. If you have a dream that you are having fun at your wedding, then be prepared for the failures of life. If the bride dreams that her lover has married another, then she will be starved of unreasonable jealousy. If you dream about your wedding, expect unpleasant news from those who are far away now. However, if at the wedding all the guests are cheerful and joyful, then the news will be pleasant. If a young woman dreams that at her wedding she sees a man in mourning clothes, then her marriage will fail. If she sees a man in mourning at someone else’s wedding, it predicts the failed marriage of one of her friends or relatives. It may also warn that the intended journey will be overshadowed or upset by unpleasant news. If a woman dreams that she is marrying a decrepit old man, this dream warns of illness. If you dream that you are one of the many guests at your wedding, this dream promises to expand your business. In addition, the thoughts expressed by a loved one will make you very happy. If a young woman dreams that she is getting married, but she feels unhappy or indifferent, it predicts disappointment in love, as well as a possible disease.

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