To see yourself and others dressed in white in a dream is to sadness. To go in a dream with a man dressed in white – to this man’s disease. However, if it is a young woman or child, then in life you will be surrounded only by nice people. If in a dream a woman sees white stockings on her legs, then such a dream is a warning. She is threatened by sorrowful disappointment or illness. To see a white bed in a dream is a good outcome of your endeavors. If a good white dog approaches you, you will be tempted by an offer, whether in business or in love. For a woman, it is a sign of imminent marriage. Riding a beautiful white horse is a good sign that predicts the joys associated with the people close to you. If the horse is thin and dirty, be wary of betrayal by envious people. To see a snow-white cat in your dream is to get into trouble that you may not initially pay attention to, but which will then be much more serious. If a woman is dreaming about a beautiful white kitten, she should be careful, as enemies will try to trick her into a cleverly placed net; she should rely on intuition and common sense. The polar bear is a warning against possible deception. You risk deception by taking wishful thinking for action. However, if you see polar bear skin, you can defeat all enemies. To see a polar bull in your dream means that you will rise to a higher level than those who without hesitation follow fashion. Such a dream always means profit. A dream in which you see peacefully floating white swans as it promises prosperity and well-being is very auspicious. It is also good if you dream about a white donkey, as it promises you long-term success, which will allow you to achieve the pleasures and knowledge to which your heart aspires. Such a dream promises a woman to enter a society in which she has long and persistently sought to enter. Snow-white hair means that the fate will be favorable to you. If in your dream you admire your smooth white teeth, it is a sign of satisfaction. White flowers are a sign of sadness. If in your dream you cut white chrysanthemums, then in reality you will not avoid losses and disappointments. White roses foreshadow a serious illness. However, if you see them in the sunny morning with still dew drops, you have nothing to be afraid of. If you dream that you received a letter written on black paper with white ink, only the support of your friends will save you from bitter disappointment.

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