If you feel a fresh breeze in your sleep, you can hope that luck will finally smile at you. If you hear the wind rustling in the trees’ crowns, you may reject the love of a man who cannot imagine his life without you. A dream in which you walk quickly and a strong wind hits you in the face means that you will be able to move confidently along the planned path, despite any difficulties. If in your dream you feel that the wind is preventing you from moving forward, then wait for the shenanigans of fate. If the wind is right, you will suddenly have allies to help you in your affairs. Feeling strong gusts of wind in your sleep means that you will soon find yourself in a difficult position. It is a good sign if you are in hiding and only hear the gusts of wind, as it means that trouble will pass you by. Feeling your hair fluttering in the wind in your sleep means that you need to be less careless.

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