To see worms in your dreams means that you are in for the intrigues of your selfish acquaintances. For a young woman, a dream in which worms crawl on her means that she seeks only material wealth. If she throws them away or kills them, she will be disappointed by the material side of life and all the energy she will focus on achieving moral and spiritual values. Catching fish on worms means that you will have to exert all efforts, wit and ingenuity, so that the intrigue of your enemies will not cause you significant harm.

If you’re dreaming about having worms, you should be wary of enemy intrigue. If you manage to get worms out, you’re in for a lot of luck. However, do not relax, as a white streak can be followed by a black one. A dream in which the worms have appeared to others means that your acquaintances are in danger of diseases and troubles.

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