Dreams from Friday to Saturday

On the eve of the weekend you can afford to sleep a little longer, you no longer need to listen to the annoying ringing of the alarm clock or extraneous sounds, no need to think that it’s time to get up and go to work, but you can still relax a little bit and let your brain to fantasize, to see new beautiful and bright dreams.

In addition, when there are no distractions and extraneous factors, it will be easier for you to remember your dream, and if the dream comes to you in the pre-dawn time, the probability of its realization in reality is much higher than what you see at midnight.

Dreams from Friday to Saturday are in the power and influence of the planet Saturn, which is considered one of the remotest from the Sun. Saturn patronizes good fortune, destiny and fortune. Dreams that you see on Saturday night will symbolize some of your life principles and decisions, tell you what to abandon, what to ignore, and what to pay attention to.

Cosmic thoughts and signals allow you to know in a veiled form about the nearest future events and plans, which may be destined by fate itself. Dreams play a significant role in a person’s life, providing hints and symbols, signs and signals so that you can understand yourself and the specific aspects of your life. In addition, special attention is paid to dreams from Friday to Saturday, which can tell and tell a lot, the main thing is to properly capture and perceive these signs.

And in general, the influence of the planets is significant in this case, because take, for example, our planet and its satellite. If there were no moon, the Earth would rotate at a very, very slow speed, so that one hemisphere would always be day and the other – night.

What do the dreams on Saturday night symbolize?

The fact that you have seen a dream, or think that it is, is half a dream. You have to interpret and understand it correctly, to find those key images and clues that will be for you those signs and hints in solving certain situations or making choices.

Saturday brings with it fateful events, and not always they are favorable, because it can be negative actions.

How to recognize a bad and good Sabbath sleep

If your dream from Friday to Saturday was colorful and pleasant, it means that all the troubles and problems will bypass you, and you will be able to freely achieve your goals and implement all the planned tasks;

If the dream that visited you on Saturday night left unpleasant and even bad feelings, filled your thoughts and soul with negativity, you should expect only the worst in the near future. Although it may be the most petty and minor troubles, nothing more.

Sabbath sleep is largely due to our recent experiences, the actions and actions of the “fresh” past. And you shouldn’t talk about your nighttime “fairy tale” and interpret it only in a bad way, even if you’ve seen a nightmare. Start the analysis with your actions and thoughts, connect it with the paintings and images that you see in your dream, and then you can understand what caused this or that story of your dream.

Saturday’s dream is not uncommon as a warning, and if you have a nightmare, then tell as many people as possible about it in the morning and afternoon. So you will dispel all the negative in the world, not giving bad influence on you.

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