Dreams from Thursday to Friday

Mentioning a prophetic dream always leads to a certain mystical power, mysteriousness, mystery, truth, the meaning of which is sought to cognize everyone who had a strange dream.

And even among people there is a saying that a dream that is dreamed from Thursday to Friday will be things, it will come true. Is it possible to truly believe such dreams, relying only on the beliefs born by our ancestors? You are free to decide how important this dream is for you, how much you want to understand it, how much your dream can correspond to reality – present or future.

Everyone can see a dream, but not everyone can recognize the true meaning of veiled images and symbols that signal specific events, people or actions. But suddenly it is in this dream that the key to solving your problems that torment your thoughts is somewhere?

A dream from Venus

According to astrologers, the patron saint of dreams that you see from Thursday to Friday is the planet Venus, and the dream on this night will be prophetic for you. And this is not just a hypothesis, but a scientifically substantiated statement, supported by the results of research. All the people who had bright and intense dreams on Friday night noted that this dream was amazing and impressive, and it really came true, turned into reality. And it is not necessary that it happened the next day. Perhaps you will live on, even forgetting about it for a while, and in months or years you will remember your prophetic night vision.

Characteristic features of dreams that are dreamed from Thursday to Friday

If you dreamed before midnight, it may not come true immediately. If your dreams on Friday night visited you around 00-03 hours, then in the coming months an unusual and bright picture of a dream will come true in your life. Expect that the dream that visited you in the pre-dawn hour, will come true very quickly. Sleep can be repeated several nights in a row, pay special attention to this, because you have to analyze all the brightest and most spectacular events, as well as all the sensations and your emotional state during the sleep. If you feel that the sleep events are somehow transferred into real life, then your dream is truly prophetic.

Planet Venus is characterized by sensitivity, which tells about the emotional side of the sleeping person. The dream that comes from Thursday to Friday is very closely intertwined with a person’s feelings and experiences related to his personal life. In such a dream you can find the most intimate desires and passions, the strongest motives and goals that define your world view and principles of activity.

If in a dream on Friday night you see how you are given a large sum of money, then the dream will come true soon, and you promise to live the rest of your life quite comfortably and happily.

If in your dream you see how you lose the most precious and important for you object, object or thing, it is a signal that ahead of you are financial difficulties, failures and problems.

If you walk through life with positive and optimism, think positively and stay in a good mood, then most of your dreams will be exactly favorable. But this is not always easy to observe, because by the end of the day there are so many different thoughts, bad and good, that it is hard to protect yourself from the negative and not to think about pressing problems.

If you want your dream from Thursday to Friday to be really pleasant and good, it is better to prepare your body in advance by taking a bath with foam, cleaning your brain from the negative accumulated during the day.