How to fall asleep quickly

Have you ever had such situations when the alarm clock shows three o’clock in the morning, and you are still turning from side to side, because you can not sleep, and in your head one alarming thought replaces another, you all think and strain your brains, because you can not drive away the problems and vanity.

But what about sleep, what about a healthy rest? What is the way, how to fall asleep quickly, how to relax, how to gain new strength, how to charge with positive energy and meet a new day with new strength? If you do not want to join the ranks of those “lucky” who suffer from insomnia, then it’s time to listen to a few useful tips that will help you always fall asleep easily, see good dreams and wake up in a pleasant mood.

We will tell you what to do to quickly fall asleep, and from now on your night’s rest will always be blessed and pleasant for you. Start by working out the right mode for yourself. You should lie down at the same time, that is, at your usual hour. Do not emphasize the fact that tomorrow will be an early rise, because we are talking about falling asleep, not about waking.

When the body is used to falling asleep at the same time, it is hard to make it fall asleep early. You try to force yourself to sleep, and this is only an additional strain on your brain, which requires rest and relaxation. If you want to sleep, then lie down in a moment of strong desire, not when you think it’s time.

If you want to relax, as they say, with a glass of wine, then let it be during dinner, but not before bedtime.

Alcohol for sleep: pros and cons

Alcohol, of course, acts as an antidepressant and relaxing agent, but drinking a lot and before going to bed is not the best idea. This “cure” will irritate your body even more, because you can wake up in the middle of the night and get up earlier than usual in the morning. But it doesn’t mean that you’ve slept, and in the middle of the day you’ll feel a lack of strength and fatigue.

Scientific research is still unable to explain the nature of this effect of alcohol on a person’s sleep, because the paradox is that our body awakens at the moment when the last drop of alcohol is split in the blood. The total processing time lasts about an hour, so after two cocktails drunk at night, you will wake up in two hours and will not be able to fall asleep.

If you work out in the gym in the evening, do not make yourself exhausted. In the afternoon, the body is rebuilt, and in the evening it is already relaxing, getting ready for rest, so the last strength should not be taken away from it. In this case, the body is completely exhausted, but the brain activity remains in an excited state, in tension, so a calm and fast sleep is out of the question.

Before going to bed, air your room, fill it with fresh air to make it easier and more pleasant for you to fall asleep.

In addition, another important point is to decide how many hours you need to sleep at night. Not for every eight-hour sleep is acceptable and comfortable. Someone falls asleep in five hours, and someone wants to sleep at least nine hours.

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